The e-Hoop project is about education and tools to support the specific needs of people in education and training.
It is also about "inclusion".
In a multicultural Europe where many people have many different needs and different learning styles or face learning difficulties, Europe needs a new philosophical framework of inclusion and a unified way to address “differences”, so as to safeguard full citizen participation.
The consortium feels that innovative uses of ICT for lifelong learning must be identified and implemented, for education in general and in particular for groups at risk of exclusion with an innovative way which seeks to unify learners and address the needs of population groups such as:
1. Rural people who are often geographically isolated by lack of communication and transportation systems;
2. Those disadvantaged by cultural and social poverty, especially the illiterate, the elderly, women, and children;
3. The physically disabled.
The tool proposed in the current project will enable every learner and educator to benefit from it, as it will be offered for free, in an open source manner; each person will be able to learn easily in a more personalised learning environment specifically geared towards his/her needs.
A critical factor for the success of the project will be its use by educators to upload their learning objects onto the new platform.
So, the final outcome will be a tool to support personalised eLearning for people that are in danger of being excluded from Learning.
Important functional aspects of the tool will be the adaptation and presentation of learning objects in a way that is useful for the target groups. The methodology includes a method for classifying the learners and understanding their needs through various information, including the learners profiles
Educators can benefit from knowing the specific needs/profiles/preferences of their learners. Similarly, learners can also benefit by having the choice to adapt their learning according to individual needs, abilities and/or preferences.

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