Learning Object Repository

A searchable repository for learning objects providing access to the learning objects created and uploaded by educators according to the e-Hoop specifications and templates maximising also the accessibility to those with visual impairments and special educational needs.

Learner's Profiles

A repository of learner's profiles - tables with learners’ data in the form of profiles (i.e., personal information and characteristics,  previous knowledge, materials covered, time and other logs,  preferences, results from tests taken such as MAPS, demographics, questionnaires etc.).

Learning Object Sequencer (LOS)

The e-Hoop front-end delivers the learning objects to learners. It “reads” content and “integrates” preferences or constraints as they are captured in the learner’s profiles and presents the final content in a coherent manner to the learner. The actual delivery system (“Learning Object Sequencer”) is developed using open-source standards and based on the shared-control theory.

Mental Attributes Profiling System (MAPS)

MAPS comprises 12 video-game-like interfaces, designed to evaluate specific mental abilities. MAPS is used for evaluating short-term visual/auditory memory and auditory/visual discrimination. These have high correlation with reading/learning abilities and cluster learners according to their ability/preference to learn better using either the visual or the auditory processing pathway. It is used during the learner's first log in to determine and form the individual's profile. The results are made available to the instructors and are used by the LOS to facilitate the decision of suggesting the appropriate LO presentation to a learner.

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